Addressing Community Concerns in Winston Heights-Mountview

At Ambassador Motor Inn, we understand that our project must have invoked certain concerns in the community. As a responsible authority, we ensure that we have ascertained all the possible concerns and have introduced measures to eliminate them. Read along to know more.

Building Mass and Shadowing


  • Shadow studies establish that shadowing from a 20 storey tower at the south limit of the site is not worse than a 6 storey structure at the northern limits of the site; in fact, a low slab tower of 12 stories (assuming the same density) blocks off more light and sun penetration.

  • The suggested height limits can be used to determine the capacity or potential density of the site, then redistribute this density through varying heights of structures to create visual interest.

  • Taller structures with a smaller footprint allow for more light and sun penetration.

Parking Requirements


  • The bulk of the required parking will be underground; this is primarily a residential requirement.

  • Retail and office parking will mostly be surface parking within site and some underground, as required.

  • Retail is street-oriented and pedestrian-oriented – local residents walking to the shops will reduce parking requirements.

  • Anticipated retail is small scale (1000 m2 / 11,000 sq.ft. maximum).

  • There should be no necessity for street parking.

Lack of Parking on-site and Spillover Parking on Streets


  • Access to the development is from 16th avenue service road or Moncton Road.

  • There is no need to access from 17th avenue.

  • Excess traffic will be directed into the site, not around it; this property is on the edge of the community.

Increased Traffic


  • The bulk of parking is provided underground.

  • Surface parking is within the development with access from 16th avenue service road or Moncton Road.

  • Traffic generated will not spill onto 17th avenue.

  • Frontages of existing houses can be classified as designated parking for residents (tow-away zone).

Potential for Noise


  • Proposed retail will be along the street frontage facing 16th avenue and partially along Moncton Road.

  • There will not be retail on the north half of the property, keeping potential noise away from existing residences north of 17th avenue.

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Land Use Re-designation

Our land use re-designation project aims to achieve a higher density mixed-use development.

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