Community Development in Calgary

Our project of land re-designation in Calgary aims to offer several benefits to the community while also aiming to achieve a general developmental goal. Take a look at what all benefits can be reaped out of this project on its successful completion.

Benefits to the Community


  • It will provide a mix of residential unit types to contribute to a transitional neighbourhood with a diversity of housing - possibly containing seniors apartments.

  • It will help create a pedestrian-oriented commercial (retail) frontage to 16th avenue to the south and Moncton Road to the east. There is potential for local businesses to operate here - a small pub, a boutique food market, pharmacy, coffee shop. The second floor could be offices or medical clinics that would tie-in to the seniors’ facilities to the west (Fanning Centre).

  • It will provide greater density/intensity of use, especially residential, in the proximity of the MAX Orange transit stop immediately in front of the property; increased patronage of local businesses; increased enrollment in neighbourhood schools; and increased usage of recreation facilities on the south side of 16th avenue.

  • It will respect the existing low density, single-family residential to the north by limiting shadow lines to within the front yards (setbacks) on 17th avenue; provide street-oriented units on the main floor; retain the existing trees and landscaped setback along 17th avenue facing the existing houses, and locate major site access off 16th avenue and Moncton Road.

  • It will provide retail shops for servicing local needs – potentially to service the senior population.

  • It will offer a visual focal point for the neighbourhood.

  • It will provide a visual focal point for 16th avenue as a gateway to the Calgary core from the east (assuming vehicles are coming from Deerfoot Trail). Structures on the top of the hill will garner one's attention; higher structures will further reinforce this experience.

  • Along with a potential 40 m height building to the east, it will form a gateway into Midfield Heights and the community beyond.

For more information, please get in touch with us. You can also take up our survey.

Community Development

Our re-designation project will encourage small businesses and will boost economic growth.

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